Neil mac Neil Writes in English and Scots. Widely published, UK and abroad.
In 2015 awarded a place on Poetry Master Class, with tutor, Welsh Laureate,
Gillian Clarke. His poem ‘White Sails of a Regatta’ first published by New
Writing Scotland 2012, then OUP, 2013 in International GCSE Workbook:
First Language English, to be re-printed Aug 2018. Neil’s poems have won many
prizes and commendations. 2006, Poet in Residence, Cowalfest. Poems appeared on
Poetry on the Platform (Scotrail / Largs Writers). Also works in collaboration with
visual artists, musicians, photographers. Does workshops and readings. Returned to
Scotland 2016, from Spain.

Light Touches

In a quick, quick-slow breeze
backgreen washing lines sag, lift.
Monday flaps dawn to dusk.

A dull day, light intermittent rain,
low fields meditate deep and deeper green.
Earlier I’d heard children’s songs

as they played close by the Almond.
I imagine they were leaning on that fence
rusting away under John’s old ash tree.

Neighbours say they hear the songs
all the way to the edge of the village,
note by note, lyric by lyric, tune by tune.

Suddenly silent.
Are the children looking up
at birds high above the river?

Elders and young going south to a summer
trace their flight calligraphies across the sky.
One theory of flight suggests something

hugs birds from outside-in, almost felt
to be love’s electromagnetic tiny tingle.
One theory calls it an embrace as light

as gravity’s inescapable touch,
migrating inward to each heart
from its far, far-out, turn-around point

at the constantly expanding edge of universe.
I remain in the north’s cold airspace where now
rain becomes sleet’s off-white harsh embrace.

Neil mac Neil