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Alasdair (61) was born in London to a Scottish mum and an Anglo-Irish dad and came back to Scotland to live with his wife and two young sons in 1999. Since then, he’s combined working as a professional musician with jobs in catering. He was one half of healthy cookery demonstration duo ‘Two Fat Gents’ which toured the Highlands for the Healthways organisation and worked for many years as a chef for the National Trust For Scotland. Since accepting redundancy during the pandemic, he’s been concentrating on playing the piano and running the family’s tourism business in the Highlands.

Content warning: May contain… Good advice!

For some people, the Covid pandemic has cultivated strong feelings about what they see as violations of their bodies. For some, wearing masks in public was bad enough. Then, vaccination rollout aroused suspicions about what the vaccine might contain. Perhaps the most visceral concerns simply arose because vaccination isn’t like a mask – easily discarded as soon as we’re out of the store. It’s something injected into our bodies.