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Your Memoirs – “Little Man”

So many songs. Lyrics are so emotive. One lyric can mean so many different things to different people as personal memories crowd in, association, time, place, mood. From so many in my memories I have chosen ‘Little man You’ve Had a Busy Day’. Covered by many, including Bing Crosby, Al Bowly, Paul Robeson, even Eric … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Little Man”

Your Memoirs – “Will We Be Home For Christmas?”

Deolali, inland from Bombay, is a name to make hearts sink. For more than a century it was the transit camp where soldiers waited, week after week for the boat to take them home. Its official name was The Homeward Bound Trooping Centre. The slang word ‘doolally’ is derived from this hell-hole because it drove … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Will We Be Home For Christmas?”