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Your Memoirs – “The Very First Time”

The very first time that I entered a hospital was in 1945, when I was four.  My mother was in a sanitorium, my father in the Navy, and I was in the care of my grandparents.  Severe measles had left me with an abscessed eardrum requiring minor surgery.  Not wishing to alarm me, my well-meaning … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “The Very First Time”

Your Memoirs – “Visiting Time”

The very first time that I visited my husband in jail, he was incarcerated in the Oakland County Maximum Security Facility. “Gum or cigarettes.” Was it a question, a command or an offer? I shook my head, kept quiet. After the guard frisked me, she said it again. This time I said no. She seemed … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Visiting Time”

Your Memoirs – “Ecstasy and Ivory”

The very first time that I saw a film about elephants I was entranced. Giant but graceful… compassionate, caring… loving to their families… protective, loyal… everything humans are too often not. Fatefully, my husband and I lived for a while in Kenya where I embraced seeing elephants and other wonderful creatures. After a year, we … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Ecstasy and Ivory”

Your Memoirs – “Crowning Moments”

The very first time that I remember being annoyed with my mother was when, without preamble, she announced: ‘Our British soldiers are the best at marching. They’re that smart. None of they foreigners can match them.’ What did she know about soldiers? When I played soldiers, it was a boys game. Not girls, not mothers. … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Crowning Moments”

Your Memoirs – “First Impressions”

When I landed at Prestwick Airport two weeks into our marriage, everything was strange and exciting. All my ideas of taking up married life in Scotland were loosely based on what I had seen when Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse acted their way through the film Brigadoon. I will admit I was naïve. But as … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “First Impressions”

Your Memoirs – “It Wasn’t Meant to be Like This”

The very first time that I was invited to a dinner dance wasn’t meant to be like this. When the suavely handsome Patrick Gormley invited me I was overjoyed until I realized it was for the following night. I was a substitute and at very short notice! So, what does a seventeen-year-old wear for her … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “It Wasn’t Meant to be Like This”

Your Memoirs – “A First Time For Everything”

The very first time that I went to the dentist I was eight years old. I had very bad toothache in a back molar tooth. It kept stinging it was keeping me awake at night and pulsating during the day. Grandfather decided to take me to his dentist. I was very nervous getting into the … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “A First Time For Everything”

Your Memoirs – “500 Miles up the Nevis”

The lockdown threw up learning curves for silver surfers with ageing equipment. A steep one was participation in a music ensemble (appropriately called Nevis Ensemble) performing “500 Miles”.  My grandfather clock, fed up with lockdown, wanted to join in.  The downstairs technology comprised my smart phone and my ancient iPad. (“Ancient” in the digital sense:  … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “500 Miles up the Nevis”

Your Memoirs – “Making a Rug”

Go to the green grocer. Ask him to save you his next potato sack. (They were made of rough hessian)!  Search the family rag bag. (Before the ragman cometh) Wash any material you can work with. (Woollen content is best, doesn’t fray.) Cut into strips of approximately 1 inch x 4. Collect hessian sack. Open … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Making a Rug”

Your Memoirs – “Moving North”

He accepted the Hartlepool nuclear power station job in November ‘73, with enthusiasm. In similar fashion, the GLC said they’d buy our named-for-a-race-horse Enfield house. We paid a flying visit and chose a new one. Then followed much disruption, separation, until May when the GLC discovered it had run out of money.  Another visit, an … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Moving North”

Your Memoirs – “Moteur Mal”

I liked the old Volvo: its seats were comfortable and the large boot accommodated a family’s luggage. Driving through France for a family holiday, the temperature gauge edged into the red. We pulled off the road, and I found that the plastic header tank for the radiator had swollen considerably. Driving on, slowly, we found … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Moteur Mal”

Your Memoirs – “My World at Seventeen”

At school I enjoyed English seeing how the characters developed on the paper. At college a tutor would always put a line through my work and write nonsense sentence without discussing my  work. Years later I took up writing again winning several prizes for charity. Including First prize for  prose for Iain Renee Hospice Care … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “My World at Seventeen”