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Sue Oxley is a now-retired R.E. teacher but stays busy writing, quilting and running groups. She lives in the North East, by the sea, which she can very highly recommend as the sky is always changing. She has run a bed and breakfast hotel in Glastonbury, organised many Catholic pilgrimages all over Europe for pilgrims from her church, conducted – as a trained celebrant – over a hundred and fifty funerals, three weddings and one ‘welcome to the world’ for a new baby, and made nearly fifty quilts. She likes to be busy. She has three children, two grandchildren, one husband and one sister – who are her precious people – and friends that she loves.

Circles of Womankind

I read once that there seems to be something in their primal make-up that makes women long to be in a supportive and helpful group: somewhere they feel they belong outside their family group. The writer – whose name I can’t remember – thought that it may come from the need in early tribal groups to have childcare in case of illness or the death of the mother in childbirth.