DEADLINE: midnight 15th December 2019

Now Closed!

WHAT IS AN ACROSTIC? An acrostic is a poem or other composition in which the first letter of each line spells out a specific word or words.

Example:  if the set word was CATS, an acrostic for this could be:

Cuddly and cute they make lovely pets

Acrobatic but sometimes need vets

Terrifying to mice and creatures they catch

Softly purring, a joy to watch.


I don’t think this one would win any competitions, but you get the idea.



The set word for the Oct-Dec competition is AUTUMN VOICES


1st Prize: A copy of Autumn Voices, a copy of The New Frontier and £35 worth of books from the Autumn Voices Showcase.

2nd Prize: A copy of Autumn Voices and £28 worth of books from the Autumn Voices Showcase

3rd Prize: £20 worth of books from the Autumn Voices Showcase.

The winning acrostics and the three highly commended ones will be posted on the Autumn Voices Blog.



  1. You must be a member of the Autumn Voices Blog before you can enter the competition. If you are not already registered, register here.
  2. Each entry should be no more than 100 words.
  3. Work submitted must be in English and must be your own work.
  4. No work submitted should have been previously published/broadcast/e-published or posted online in any form.
  5. Entries must be typewritten using at least 12pt font. Double or single spacing is acceptable.
  6. Acrostics do not have titles, so to identify it your work you should have a pseudonym or pen-name at the top.
  7. Your real name or other mark which could identify the author should not appear on the page. Entries should be accompanied by a separate cover sheet (no staples etc. please) setting out your name, age, address, email address, and your pseudonym.
  8. If sending your entry by email, please send as a Word, rtf or pdf document.
  9. Entries will not be returned so please keep a copy of your entry.
  10. No alterations can be made to an entry once submitted.
  11. The judge’s decision is final. The judge cannot enter into any correspondence regarding entries.
  12. Closing date for the competition is midnight on 15th December 2019.
  13. Multiple entries are welcome. The entry fee is £3 for each entry.
  14. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in automatic disqualification.




  • Remember to use no more than 100 words in total and to use the words AUTUMN VOICES for your acrostic.
  • Your acrostic must be relevant in some way to the set words.
  • The 12 letters of AUTUMN VOICES can be divided in any way you like. For example: a 12-line poem, two verses of 6 lines each, three verses of four lines each etc.
  • Not all acrostics are poems. You can write prose if you want, as long as you have a 12-sentence paragraph with each sentence starting with the appropriate letter.
  • There is no need to put the first letter of each line in bold.



Uploaded entries are preferred.

Upload your entry on the form at the bottom of this page.

Postal entries should be sent to:

Kriss Nichol

Autumn Voices Secretary

Galloway Stables

Victoria Lane

Newton Stewart DG8 6DA


If you want your postal entry to be acknowledged, please enclose a stamped and addressed postcard.


Entry Fee is £3.00 for each entry.


Payment PayPal for uploaded entries and by cheque for postal entries.


If paying by cheque, please make out the cheque to ‘Autumn Voices’ and post it to:


Robin Lloyd-Jones

Autumn Voices Manager

26 East Clyde Street

Helensburgh G84 7PG



Deadline date: midnight 15th December 2019

Shortlist posted on Autumn Voices Blog:  22nd January 2020

Winning & highly commended entries posted on 7th February 2020.

THE  COMPETITION ADJUDICATOR IS ANGELENA BODEN who was a Guest Blogger for Autumn Voices in July 2019.

Angelena  has spent thirty-five years as an international training consultant, specialising in behavioural management and conflict resolution. She trained in Transactional Analysis, the psychology of communication and behaviour, her preferred tool for counselling and coaching.She is the author of two traditionally published novels and many articles and blogs.Her most recent novel, Edna’s Death Cafe is published as an e-book by Matador.