WELCOME to the Autumn Voices Showcase. The Autumn Voices Blog aims to promote and discuss creativity in later life. This showcase will help to do this by providing a sample of what writers over 60 are doing and demonstrating that people lead creative and productive lives well into old age.

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  1. You must be over 60 at the date of publication of the work that you are submitting.
  2. Your submission is free.
  3. The Autumn Voices Showcase is open to all genres of writing – memoirs, collections of poetry, short stories, essays etc; novels, non-fiction. You may submit detail of poetry pamphlets and Chapbooks, but please do not submit details of individual articles, blogs, short stories, poems etc. even if they have been published.
  4. The Showcase is for work published since 1st January 2017. Please do not submit details of work published earlier than this. You may make more than one submission. Treat each one as a separate submission.
  5. Any method of publishing is acceptable, e.g: standard publisher, self- publishing, e-book, or online publishing.
  6. Submissions will be accepted from anywhere in the world, provided the
    work is written in English.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse your submission at our discretion. For example, if we consider the content to be pornographic or inciting hatred or violence..
  8. Send your submission as an email attachment to robinlj34@gmail.com. with subject heading: ‘AUTUMN VOICES SHOWCASE.’ It may take up to two weeks to post your submission. You may if you wish also send a picture of the cover in JPG or PDF format.
  9. Please present the information in your attachment in the same way as the examples given below, using Times New Roman, 12 point, single spacing:

A Troubling Woman by A C Clarke (age74) (Oversteps Books, 2017)
Poetry Collection
A Troubling Woman centres on the life of the medieval visionary Margery Kempe and has been praised by John Glenday and Sam Tongue among others. The poems explore varieties of belief and unbelief through a series of monologues. The book is available from Oversteps Books http://www.overstepsbooks.com/cat/a-troubling-woman/ for £9.80 including postage and packing or direct from the author at acclarke6@btopenworld.com

Hall of Mirrors - Shards of Clarity:   Autism, Neuroscience and Finding a Sense of Self    by  Phoebe Caldwell (age 84)  (Pavilion Publishers, 2017)
Non-fiction   Autism
Hall of Mirrors: Shards of Clarity marries recent research with the author’s current practice. It investigates the loss of ‘Sense of Self’  described by many autistic people and uses case studies to show how those who support them can build emotional engagement through the use of body language to confirm and embody lost self-awareness.

NOTE: Please do not exceed 75 words in the paragraph that gives information about your submission. It is up to you what you say here. You could include a brief description of what your publication is about, the price, where/how your book can be purchased/accessed. You might also want to give addresses for websites, Facebook etc.


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