Cats/Edinburgh/Allotments – Winning Entry

Throughout August we asked you to send in your flash entries about cats, Edinburgh, or allotments. The twist being this had to be photo instead of a piece of poetry or prose. We loved looking through all your photos! There could only be one winner though and we’re pleased to announce Sara Baker, aged 72, was … Continue reading Cats/Edinburgh/Allotments – Winning Entry

Food For Thought

Our journey through the calendar year brings us anniversaries, events, important milestones and themed monthly celebrations in honour of worthy and vital issues. We find ourselves now in Autumn – a season traditionally associated with advancing years and one which inspired our name, Autumn Voices. It’s also September, a month often connected with growing older. … Continue reading Food For Thought

An Edinburgh elder: Mary Goggin, Runaway Princess at 70

When I told my publicist that it was my 70th birthday on 12th August during my run at the Edinburgh Fringe she said two things. Firstly, that it was known in Scotland as the glorious 12th and secondly how on earth had I managed to reach this age with the life that I have led? Well, it appears, in … Continue reading An Edinburgh elder: Mary Goggin, Runaway Princess at 70

Quick & Quirky Questions with Jane Campbell

Jane Campbell grew up in Zambia and Cape Town and read English at Oxford. She has worked as a Group Analyst, teaching and training and lecturing internationally, for nearly forty years. She lives in Bermuda and Oxford, England. She published her debut short story collection, Cat Brushing, at the age of 80.  Tell us 4 … Continue reading Quick & Quirky Questions with Jane Campbell