Flash Memoir Project – August

Remembering something creative and enjoyable you did during the period of Covid-19 lockdown/isolation.

Your Memoirs – “500 Miles up the Nevis”

The lockdown threw up learning curves for silver surfers with ageing equipment. A steep one was participation in a music ensemble (appropriately called Nevis Ensemble) performing “500 Miles”.  My grandfather clock, fed up with lockdown, wanted to join in.  The downstairs technology comprised my smart phone and my ancient iPad. (“Ancient” in the digital sense:  … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “500 Miles up the Nevis”

Your Memoirs – “Making a Rug”

Go to the green grocer. Ask him to save you his next potato sack. (They were made of rough hessian)!  Search the family rag bag. (Before the ragman cometh) Wash any material you can work with. (Woollen content is best, doesn’t fray.) Cut into strips of approximately 1 inch x 4. Collect hessian sack. Open … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Making a Rug”