Flash Memoir Project – July

A memoir from the 1970s.

Your Memoirs – “Moving North”

He accepted the Hartlepool nuclear power station job in November ‘73, with enthusiasm. In similar fashion, the GLC said they’d buy our named-for-a-race-horse Enfield house. We paid a flying visit and chose a new one. Then followed much disruption, separation, until May when the GLC discovered it had run out of money.  Another visit, an … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Moving North”

Your Memoirs – “Moteur Mal”

I liked the old Volvo: its seats were comfortable and the large boot accommodated a family’s luggage. Driving through France for a family holiday, the temperature gauge edged into the red. We pulled off the road, and I found that the plastic header tank for the radiator had swollen considerably. Driving on, slowly, we found … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Moteur Mal”

Your Memoirs – “My World at Seventeen”

At school I enjoyed English seeing how the characters developed on the paper. At college a tutor would always put a line through my work and write nonsense sentence without discussing my  work. Years later I took up writing again winning several prizes for charity. Including First prize for  prose for Iain Renee Hospice Care … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “My World at Seventeen”

Your Memoirs – “20 November 1974”

The cloud had smothered the savannah for weeks, selfishly holding onto its precious cargo. Our car slowed to avoid the bloated carcass of a cow, it’s juices seeping onto the dirt road. Nature was withholding the manna from above.     ‘Looks like there’s a hut on fire at the site’. The driver motioned to a black … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “20 November 1974”

Your Memoirs – “Me mammy says it’s not right”

1972 was the year I started my first job, voted for the first time in a referendum on the EEC and joined the local drama and musical society. My passions were writing and theatre but I needed a livelihood and a career. Choices were few and there was no money for University. My job was … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Me mammy says it’s not right”

Your Memoirs – “Leaving for Poland”

The blue Mini had several dents and rusted bumpers. It cost £60. I’d saved the money from my job teaching English to foreigners in London.  My boyfriend worked in a vodka factory and used to come home tipsy, drinking from accidentally broken bottles in the machinery. We packed the mini with all our belonging.  I … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Leaving for Poland”

Your Memoirs – “Dawson”

The seventies was a restless decade. My twenties. I flitted all over the country, touching down on every compass point in the search for myself, gaining university degrees, losing friends, trying on different jobs and fashions for size. Boyfriends came and went too. I was the first to admit that I was fickle, perhaps needing … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Dawson”

Your Memoirs – “Deeper into darkness”

It was cold the moment of her birth that late July morning 1970. ‘Bit parky in here,’ a cleaner said. I felt the chill – and never knew about the sinister frost brought by an unseen, uninvited guest, never guessed that my Briar Rose would fall at sweet sixteen under a malevolent curse which wounded … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Deeper into darkness”

Your Memoirs – “1971: Reading Festival”

Just after O levels, a week before turning sixteen, school friends Jo (me), Pep and Clob joined the 30,000 crowd at the first Reading Festival.  The weekend ticket cost £1.50. My diary recorded our first sight of drugs.   Saturday 26th June  The site was a quagmire. Tons of hippies & heavies.  We read in the … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “1971: Reading Festival”

Your Memoirs – “Ideal Home”

Spring 1970.  The estate agent opened the front door.  Yes!  I felt an immediate affinity with the Victorian terraced house we were viewing.  The motley furniture which crowded every room didn’t distract from its solid appeal.  It was the sort of property I felt we might end up in years down the line, rather than … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Ideal Home”