Flash Memoir Project – November

A memoir of the 1960s, starting with the sentence ‘I often wondered what happened to…’

Your Memoirs – “The Gentle Doctor”

I often wonder what happened to Mansour Ben Amer. His dark curly hair and deep brown eyes remain in my memory fifty-odd years later. But, in the days when we students were a rather wild and unpredictable lot, it is his gentle manner and perfect etiquette I marvel at. This in spite of his once … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “The Gentle Doctor”

Your Memoirs – “A Memoir of the 1960’s”

I often wonder what happened to Miss McClure. When I was a teenager, she was a young teacher, with a love of tweed skirts and bad haircuts.  Miss McClure taught Religious Education and she cemented my already developing doubts about Christianity. Clearly, that was not her intention when she confidently informed me that my disability, … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “A Memoir of the 1960’s”

Your Memoirs – “Signed Off”

I often wondered what happened to John Lennon’s cousin. The Beatles toured extensively in the 1960s and played several Scottish venues. I was 11 in 1964, and already a huge Beatles fan, when my dad brought home a new work colleague for dinner. John Lennon’s cousin, he said. Excited beyond measure, I questioned him mercilessly … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Signed Off”

Your Memoirs – “Realisation”

With modern technology (and a degree in history research!) it is relatively easy these days to discover whatever happened to anybody. When I sat down to write this memoir it came as no surprise to me there was no-one, hand on heart, that fell into this category. The sixties were a very special era about … Continue reading Your Memoirs – “Realisation”