Here We Are: The Pathhead Choir Project

Our project with the Pathhead Choir has now come to an end. ‘Here We Are!’ saw Autumn Voices working with songwriter, workshop tutor and choir leader, Sophie Bancroft. Sophie guided a group of Pathhead community members aged 60+ to write original songs for The Pathhead Choir to perform. These songs were arranged and notated for the choir by … Continue reading Here We Are: The Pathhead Choir Project

To Drink from a Wider Bowl

Joanne Durham lives on the Atlantic coast of the US, with the ocean as her backyard and muse. She loved, drafted, and taught poetry all her life, but only began seriously writing in 2018, and has enjoyed seeing her poems published in different parts of the world, including Dodging the Rain (Ireland), Love in the … Continue reading To Drink from a Wider Bowl

Love’s Floreloquence

Love’s Floreloquence by Wendy Ann Webb is published by Inherit the Earth Publications and available now from Amazon. The poems were written over many years, some lighthearted, others very serious issues, to provide poems of love that lasts a lifetime. There’s something for all ages and stages of love and the accompanying heartache of real … Continue reading Love’s Floreloquence

Two new songs by Alf Barnett

As part of Autumn Voices’ Third Age Plus Pioneers project, singer songwriter Chiara Berardelli and multi disciplinary cabaret artist Miss Annabel Sings worked together on a very special project with Alf Barnett, a 93 year-old man (and Annabel’s dad) living in Wembley, whose long held dream was to write songs and perform. Listen to Alf’s songs, ‘Roses’ and ‘Memories’. … Continue reading Two new songs by Alf Barnett

A Poet in Residence spills the beans …

We continue our poetry theme this week with a blog article from Caroline Johnstone about her experience of being a poet in residence. Just in case it’s escaped your attention, the Autumn Voices blogs are poetry-themed this month because of our annual poetry competition, so don’t forget to enter that! About Caroline A fortified ruin … Continue reading A Poet in Residence spills the beans …

Cats/Edinburgh/Allotments – Winning Entry

Throughout August we asked you to send in your flash entries about cats, Edinburgh, or allotments. The twist being this had to be photo instead of a piece of poetry or prose. We loved looking through all your photos! There could only be one winner though and we’re pleased to announce Sara Baker, aged 72, was … Continue reading Cats/Edinburgh/Allotments – Winning Entry

Food For Thought

Our journey through the calendar year brings us anniversaries, events, important milestones and themed monthly celebrations in honour of worthy and vital issues. We find ourselves now in Autumn – a season traditionally associated with advancing years and one which inspired our name, Autumn Voices. It’s also September, a month often connected with growing older. … Continue reading Food For Thought