Love Languages

Love Languages – Winning Entry

Throughout February we asked you to send in flash submissions on the topic of “Love Languages”. We’re delighted to share the winning entry of David Thompson, Frome in Somerset, with you. It’s also his 89th birthday today so happy birthday David! He also published a poetry collection recently – Days of Dark and Light – with Hobnob Press. Language … Continue reading Love Languages – Winning Entry

What’s not to love about mother tongue?

Shetlandic / Shetlan/ Shetland dialect That subtitle could bog us down in the dreaded question: ‘Is it a language or a dialect?’ And ‘what should it be called?’ Let’s not go there. Shetlanders just say ‘we’re spaekin Shetlan’.  Leaving the politics of language aside, Shetlan or Shetlandic is somewhat distinctive, a ‘relic’ as the linguist … Continue reading What’s not to love about mother tongue?