Guest Blog

Each month we try to have an Autumn Voices member contribute to the blog. This could be anything from poetry to pottery and if you’d like to be a guest blogger then apply once you’re logged in as a member.

Growing older … and feeling healthier

Irene Haining spent the majority of her working life in Glasgow teaching in an inner-city school. Although she and her husband Andrew enjoyed their time in the city, they always knew they were country people at heart. On retirement they returned to their native Dumfries & Galloway, and both agree that it was an excellent … Continue reading Growing older … and feeling healthier

Jo Clifford on International Women’s Day

Autumn Voices is delighted to share Jo Clifford’s words on International Women’s Day. Jo Clifford is a proud father and grandmother, playwright and performer, based in Edinburgh. She is the author of over 100 plays, many of which have been performed all over the world. Plays include: Every One, The Tree Of Knowledge, Faust Parts One … Continue reading Jo Clifford on International Women’s Day

What’s not to love about mother tongue?

Shetlandic / Shetlan/ Shetland dialect That subtitle could bog us down in the dreaded question: ‘Is it a language or a dialect?’ And ‘what should it be called?’ Let’s not go there. Shetlanders just say ‘we’re spaekin Shetlan’.  Leaving the politics of language aside, Shetlan or Shetlandic is somewhat distinctive, a ‘relic’ as the linguist … Continue reading What’s not to love about mother tongue?

Street Photography and Annan Through a Pandemic

It was inevitable – having mastered the basics of photography and having trained as an architect – that I spent a lot of time photographing buildings around the world. For reasons that I mentioned in my previous blog, I had discovered the joy of nature and wildlife photography and when I wasn’t photographing buildings, I … Continue reading Street Photography and Annan Through a Pandemic

A wonderful Wisconsin woodcarver

Patti Landmann was the winner of our 2021 Autumn Voices Spring Short Story Competition, and we’re delighted to see her back here talking about her creative seasonal crafting and showing us some of the fantastic things she’s made. Hello Autumn Voices Community! I’m Patti Landmann to my friends, but Patricia Landmann officially for my 81 … Continue reading A wonderful Wisconsin woodcarver