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Each month we try to have an Autumn Voices member contribute to the blog. This could be anything from poetry to pottery and if you’d like to be a guest blogger then apply once you’re logged in as a member.

What does Qigong mean?

Qigong is a very all-inclusive modern Chinese term that applies to integrated mind-body-breathing techniques and practices. It encompasses all forms of energy exercises, mind-body healing, or therapies. Qigong is a Moving Meditation and Mind-Body wellness practice which is a combination of Movement, Posture, Breathing, and Awareness. What have you been learning since the pandemic started … Continue reading What does Qigong mean?


It seems almost impossible to forget the songs we heard in our youth. My best friend at school was a huge David Bowie fan, and, with this month being the anniversary of both Bowie’s birth (in 1947) and his death (in 2016), listening to Radio 6 Music’s retrospective connected me to every day we spent in her living room after school.


Loneliness has become a visible public health issue, particularly at this time of year when corporate and media organisations’ Christmas and New Year messages have been about making – or remaking – connections with others. You can see the start of this trend, aimed particularly at older people, in advertising from 2015 onwards: However, despite … Continue reading Connections

Angelena answers your burning questions!

We asked you to submit questions for Angelena to answer on the subject of publishing, marketing and promoting a book, and also being an older writer. You gave us some excellent questions for Angelena to turn her expert attention to, and you can listen to her answers right here on this special podcast recording:

With thanks to Angelena for sparing her time to do this. Her last December blog for us on this theme appears soon.

Self Publishing and the Marketing Mountain

Firstly, self-publishing is NOT vanity publishing, nor is it particularly difficult. Amazon and other online publishers take you through the process of formatting and uploading your book cover, text, blurb and the important bits like price and special promotions. Within less than twenty-four hours your book goes live. Of course, there are lots of companies … Continue reading Self Publishing and the Marketing Mountain