Ask Orlando

This is a new fortnightly advice column in which Orlando helps you deal with your animal–human dilemmas. If you are a pet with a paw-sitively dreadful ‘owner’ problem, or vice versa, Orlando has solutions and a (mostly) sympathetic ear. He has years of experience resolving cat-astrophes and dealing with fur-midable opponents, as well as qualifications in both human and animal psychology from Purr-ham University.

We invite you, our readers and Autumn Voices members, to email your (lighthearted, real or imaginary) pet problems to Orlando to resolve. Nothing too tricky remember, he sleeps a LOT.

A Book Shop Tuck Shop cat

Dear Orlando, I am a sixty-four-year-old Tuxedo cat and have always considered myself a fine example of my breeding, but I must confess I’ve let things slip on the exercise front during lockdown and gained some unwanted ounces. I’ve always been very active; I am extremely fond of night-prowling, terrorising dogs and occasionally engaging in … Continue reading A Book Shop Tuck Shop cat