Show Orlando

Show us your pets or favourite animals by sending us pictures of them, past or present. This might be a photo you’ve taken yourself, or a good quality image of a drawing or painting you’ve done of your pets or other animals, or your favourite drawing of the family pet by a grandchild or young person in your life.

Orlando says: ‘Being hopeless at art at school is no excuse. Have a go!’

Stick drawings are absolutely fine by us.

Show Orlando what cat or animal paraphernalia you have at home. For example: clothes, cushions, ornaments, fittings, paintings, furniture or crockery that depicts your favourite creatures. Please collect as many as you can together, send Orlando a photo of them and tell us the story behind how you came to possess them.

With either of the above, tag us on social media using the hashtag #ShowOrlando have that depict a cat.

We’ll also feature new Show Orlando content on our website monthly.