Quick and Quirky Questions

Quick & Quirky Questions is a brand-new monthly feature on the Autumn Voices website for 2021 and beyond.

Each month, we’ll ask a member of the Autumn Voices community – and maybe one or two well-known names and faces – some (you guessed it) quick and quirky questions. There will be five regular questions that we’ll ask every person, and depending on what themes we’re championing at Autumn Voices or activities we’re involved in, we might throw in one or two extra. The responses will be published each month along with a little bit about who they are.

To keep track of who our interview subjects are each month, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and look for the hashtag #QQQ

To whet our appetites, our first interview subject for January is Alex Hill.

Quick & Quirky Questions with Tom Langlands

Tell us 4 important facts about yourself: I am 67 years old and a retired architect I am a freelance photographer and writer with a regular photojournalism slot with the North American publication Celtic Life International My favourite photographic genres are wildlife photography and street photography I love art and music and pretty much anything … Continue reading Quick & Quirky Questions with Tom Langlands

Quick & Quirky Questions with Patti Landmann

Patti Landmann is retired from the life of a business manager. She enjoys woodcarving, photography, writing and travel. She has been married to Henry for 58 years. Two lovely sons, one angel, and three grandchildren. She enjoys life and nature, butterflies and birds. Friends and memories are both her cache of treasure. Tell us 4 … Continue reading Quick & Quirky Questions with Patti Landmann