Your Memoirs – “Precious Moments”

March 24th 1970 5am. I lay in my bed in the maternity hospital in Sunderland. My labour pains were getting stronger and more frequent. After two hours of gas and air I felt as if I was floating. It wont be long now love the midwife said  reassuringly. She knelt at the bottom of my bed telling me to push. At 7.30am my beautiful baby was born. The tiny bundle wrapped tightly in a blanket was put into my arms. You have a perfect little boy she said smiling. The love  I felt for my precious son was over whelming. All the pain I had gone through was forgotten as I kissed his soft cheeks and cuddled him closer. 

Husbands were not allowed into the delivery room those days. And of course we had no mobile telephones. He had been sitting in the waiting room for six hours anxiously awaiting the arrival of his newborn. Not knowing what you were having made it all the more existing. The midwife went to get him but I asked her not to tell him if it was a boy or girl. When he entered the room the first thing he did was come and kiss me. You have a beautiful Son I said putting the baby in his arms. The smile on his face and the tears in his eyes said it all. We were only nineteen and our little family had begun. He went home to change and tell all of the family. It was the first grandchild for my Mam and Dad. When visiting time came round They were the first to come into the room and welcome their new grandson. They were devoted to him until they passed away. Even though that was fifty years ago I can remember every moment as if it was yesterday. The bond my husband and son have is very strong they are best friends. Needless to say I adore him. We both always get a kiss and a hug every time we meet.

Submitted by Greta Skelton, 69, Sunderland

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