Your Memoirs – “Realisation”

With modern technology (and a degree in history research!) it is relatively easy these days to discover whatever happened to anybody. When I sat down to write this memoir it came as no surprise to me there was no-one, hand on heart, that fell into this category.

The sixties were a very special era about which much has been written.  The most quoted comment is ‘If you can remember the 1960s, you weren’t really there’. I certainly was there and I do remember, sometimes hazily, places, events, experiences. But the wonderful people who shared that time and then moved on along different paths from mine merely ‘disappeared’ as ships that pass in the night. They were of a chapter in my life. The thought of what happened to them would sour the memories. The people who really mattered to me in the sixties are still a part of my life although a smaller group now.

I have never joined Old Girls’ Societies. I once attended a re-union when my College was closing. I left halfway through. There was nothing there for me. No more re-unions for me. 

I cannot change my past, nor do I wish to. My future is unknown so I live in the present. I almost feel I should apologise because there really is no-one about whom ‘I often wonder what happened to…’

Submitted by Mary Irvine, 75, Alexandria

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