Your Memoirs – “Watch Tower”

Today has been hectic having to queue for items outside Tesco, trying to shop for neighbours there Isn’t the choice on the shelves so like many others I have to get what I can. There are some that accept the situation and others that don’t always consider the needs of others. When they are taking more than what is necessary or demanding more from others. 

At present there seems to be a shortage of flour people are doing more homemade baking. A neighbour recently made a delicious banana cake and gave me the recipe for a lemon drizzle sponge. The birds are singing outdoors I can hear them from the open window it’s a nice time of the day dusk with the shadows appearing in the garden and a hint of red in the clear blue sky.

I find that it’s important to keep busy I exercise daily this helps my arthritis usually I do simple exercises that I learnt at Curves Gym and others that the physio showed me to help with the arthritis in my back and neck. Recently for the first time I dyed my own hair it came out fine not like a patch work quilt. The use of bread wrappers to wrap items in and adding fresh veg to chicken soup makes a quick tasty meal. It can be expensive to order online if you’re on  a low incom.  Keeping in touch with others by phone and internet is important. Finding the time to relax read a book if stressed or write when the urge to do so comes.

Seeing people walking round in masks, is still strange to the eye and people queuing down the High- Street for prescriptions from the chemist isn’t easy. Particularly if you have to wait an hour to be served.  Finding the time to write takes the stress away from isolation and the grim news on the television.   Today the weather was fine people were repairing their cars on the drive and I saw a mother and daughter painting their fence and gate. Hopefully we will move forward from Corona.

Submitted by Christine Law, 65, Wolverhampton

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