Welcome to Jo Somerset.

Photo of Jo SomersetJo Somerset, aged 65, is a Manchester-based non-fiction writer who found a voice through Northern Gay Writers. Her current work-in-progress is an 'auto/history' entitled Born on 4th July.

Jo’s poetry and vignettes have appeared in anothernorth.org, Dear Damsels, Buzzin Bards, The SelkieClavmag and Generations anthology.  Other publications include ‘Passion Prioritised’ in the Diva Book of Short Stories (2000) and ‘Pushing the Boundaries of Feminism in a Northern English Town’ (Northern History, March 2018).  She recently completed a Creative Writing MA at Salford University, where she won the Leanne Bridgewater Award for Innovation and Experiment.

Jo tends to slot her poems into categories: history, children’s, philosophical, poems of celebration, mother poems, haiku, poems written for a particular project.  Conscious of the prevailing mood in our nations, she has selected for Autumn Voices a mix of poems that embrace the sombre tones of 2020 but also include reasons to be cheerful. In ‘Sixty’ celebrating her entry into old age is presented alongside the lip-smacking ‘Love Rising’. Not forgetting that this year’s prevailing wind has sharpened the urge to reflect on life and death, she has included a memorial poem to a friend whose feisty grasp of life was a lesson to all who knew her.

Many of us in later life are intimate with the small hours of the night, visited in her poem ‘That Place’Finally, as a historian taking the long view, ‘Millennium Bug’ allowed Jo to look backwards and forwards and pause with a thought for us oldsters about our legacy to the next generation.

These poems will be published weekly throughout late September and early October on the Autumn Voices website – not necessarily in this order!

She's contactable on https://josomersetwriter.wordpress.com or on Twitter @josomerset