Haiku Journal – 12

A Haiku Journal Trilogy: Gap in the Promenade Wall

A week before my 80th birthday I took a walk along the Helensburgh promenade – a walk I often do. There is a gap in the sea wall where stone steps lead down to the shore. I would tell myself, ‘One day I will jump across that gap, just for a dare.’ At other times I would tell myself, ‘Better do it soon, before it’s too late, before the spring in the knees, the balance, the confidence to do it are gone.’

Before the Leap

hard, bone-breaking fall;
what if? But life without risk
Is no life at all

The Leap

one heartleaping beat:
glimpsed galaxies extend
ablaze with meaning

After the Leap

blood sings loud praise to
healing madness unshackled.
what will find me next?

3 thoughts on “Haiku Journal – 12”

  1. Love the Haiku….love the concept…..and the understanding is complete! Balance yes between desire of the mind and reality of the body!

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