Haiku Journal – 8

Many of my haiku moments are experienced visually and are expressed by me through photography rather than words. Journal 8 is devoted entirely to haiku photos. In this case they all relate to walks taken along the beach in Helensburgh during the time of Covid lockdown. 

One of the things about haiku moments is that they are a surprise. The subject of the photograph finds me, rather than me looking for it. For this to happen I need to be in a receptive state of mind. Readers of this journal will have noticed that meditation and Tai-chi (a form of meditation) have figured several times in what I have written; and it is these meditations that create the receptive state of mind that allows the things around me to make connection with me.

This will be my last Haiku Journal until the week beginning January 11th 2021. A combination of factors has decided this: shingles, not getting out much at the moment, and a whole series of Christmas zooms with family and friends coming up.

Hope to be back in contact then!

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