A reply from Peroni

This letter is a reply to Orlando who gave advice on getting around a taped up cat flap!

Mr Orlando,

How dare you disclose a lady’s age (not even mentioning it’s in cat years) for all to see.

Regarding your advice, I took it several months ago and found another single gent next door who began by putting out just a bowl of water but soon succumbed to my charms. I am now playing that one off against the other with some success.

By the way, I now consider myself gender-neutral and wished to be known as Peroni.

The Highlands

Dear Peroni,

Thank you for your update. I consider myself somewhat chastised but would like to reassure you that we at Autumn Voices are an age-positive lot. Your increasing cat years on this earth are to be celebrated and are an indication of a life lived – rather excitingly in your case, it seems. 

We hope you and him and the other him are having a jolly game of cat and mouse.

Yours Purrfully, 
Mr Orlando, Esquire

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