Help! A strange rumbling


Dear Orlando,

I am very worried about my health. Every time I sit on the mat near the warm fire, find a comfy place on a lap or am stroked, I experience a strange wheezing and rumbling. Have I got some sort of chest infection, or congestion of the lungs? Or maybe a severe stomach complaint? I am probably at death’s door. 

Yours seriously worried,
From Glasgow


Dear Timmo,

It seems that you are a hypochonricat and misery guts. What you are describing is called purring! Have you not heard of it?

We cats do it when we are happy. So, stop worrying. Deep down, you are contented. Try to get in touch with your inner moggy. A good way of doing this is to take up Tangcho – the Japanese art of unravelling balls of wool. 

Yours purrfully,

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