Draw Orlando – Winner

Orlando by Louis Dunn

We asked you to send your drawings of Orlando in October and we’re delighted to announce the winner of £50 as 86-year-old Louis Dunn from California. Here’s his winning drawing of Orlando, the Autumn Voices resident cat.

Louis Dunn’s mother was an artist. His father was an artist. His sister was a silversmith. His older brother was a musician. His younger brother was an artist and Jungian psychoanalyst. Not surprisingly, Louis is also an artist. His livelihood for many years was in illustration and graphic design in San Francisco and Southern California, culminating in a period as an art director at the Los Angeles Times. Louis likes to keep fit by doing some morning Yoga, some Tai Chi, Sit Zazen and walking a steady two miles. He lives and works in the Bay Area in Northern California with his wife, a kayak, 12 cats, and a tortoise named Edna.

He says of Boris and Edna: ‘Edna eventually won him over and they became close chums – Edna would curl up with him like a kitten and they would have a snooze together.’

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