Your Memoirs – “The Day God and I Parted Ways” October 11, 2020 - We’ve got a late lecture so you can wait here […]
Your Memoirs – “Snow!” October 11, 2020 - Leela Soma - "It was my first winter in Glasgow. The snow was yet to arrive. The snow did arrive, in drifts..."
Your Memoirs – “Piggy in the Muddle” October 11, 2020 - Long before lockdown I was used to aloneness. I was […]
Your Memoirs – “Afternoon Snowfall” October 11, 2020 - Back in the 1950s there was little forewarning of sudden […]
Your Memoirs – “A Great Lady” October 11, 2020 -       My memoir has to be of Princess Dianna the joy […]
Your Memoirs – “Last Tram” October 11, 2020 - You sent me a video, last tram, our tram, the […]
Your Memoirs – “The First Time That I Was Published” October 3, 2020 - The first time that I had something published was in […]
Your Memoirs – “The Very First Time” September 18, 2020 - The very first time that I entered a hospital was […]
Your Memoirs – “Going Home” September 18, 2020 - The very first time that I flew into Athens I […]
Your Memoirs – “Visiting Time” September 18, 2020 - The very first time that I visited my husband in […]
Your Memoirs – “Ecstasy and Ivory” September 18, 2020 - The very first time that I saw a film about […]
Your Memoirs – “Crowning Moments” September 18, 2020 - The very first time that I remember being annoyed with […]
Your Memoirs – “First Impressions” September 18, 2020 - When I landed at Prestwick Airport two weeks into our […]
Your Memoirs – “It Wasn’t Meant to be Like This” September 18, 2020 - The very first time that I was invited to a […]
Your Memoirs – “A First Time For Everything” September 18, 2020 - The very first time that I went to the dentist […]
Your Memoirs – “500 Miles up the Nevis” August 16, 2020 - Mary McCabe - "The lockdown threw up learning curves for silver surfers with ageing equipment. A steep one was participation in a music ensemble (appropriately called Nevis Ensemble) performing “500 Miles”..."
Your Memoirs – “Lockdown Shenanigans” August 16, 2020 - Lynn Otty - "When lockdown began it was a wakeup call for me. It wasn’t until then that I discovered I was old. I had never thought of myself as being over the hill until one of my children asked, no, ordered..."
Your Memoirs – “Making a Rug” August 16, 2020 - Mary Irvine - "Go to the green grocer. Ask him to save you his next potato sack. (They were made of rough hessian)! Search the family rag bag. (Before the ragman cometh) Wash any material you can work with."
Your Memoirs – “Watch Tower” August 16, 2020 - Christine Law - "Today has been hectic having to queue for items outside Tesco, trying to shop for neighbours there Isn’t the choice on the shelves so like many others I have to get what I can"
Your Memoirs – “Moving North” July 30, 2020 - Sandra Davies - "He accepted the Hartlepool nuclear power station job in November ‘73, with enthusiasm. In similar fashion, the GLC said they’d buy our named-for-a-race-horse Enfield house."
Your Memoirs – “Moteur Mal” July 30, 2020 - Martz Yorke - "I liked the old Volvo: its seats were comfortable and the large boot accommodated a family’s luggage. Driving through France for a family holiday, the temperature gauge edged into the red."
Your Memoirs – “My World at Seventeen” July 30, 2020 - Christine Law - "At school I enjoyed English seeing how the characters developed on the paper. At college a tutor would always put a line through my work and write nonsense sentence without discussing..."
Your Memoirs – “20 November 1974” July 30, 2020 - Ken Tracy - "The cloud had smothered the savannah for weeks, selfishly holding onto its precious cargo. Our car slowed to avoid the bloated carcass of a cow, it’s juices seeping onto the dirt road."
Your Memoirs – “Me mammy says it’s not right” July 26, 2020 - Rona Fitzgerald - "1972 was the year I started my first job, voted for the first time in a referendum on the EEC and joined the local drama and musical society. My passions were writing and theatre..."
Your Memoirs – “The Bread Walk” July 9, 2020 - Pat Sutherland - "There is a house in Occitanie, beneath the Albères Mountains. We began our visits in the seventies, always in summer, when colours are heated to intensity and every breath draws..."
Your Memoirs – “Leaving for Poland” July 9, 2020 - Pauline Hughes - "The blue Mini had several dents and rusted bumpers. It cost £60. I’d saved the money from my job teaching English to foreigners in London. My boyfriend worked in a vodka..."
Your Memoirs – “A Great Memory” July 9, 2020 - Maureen Weldon - "Early 1970s we arrived in Chester. My husband my seven month old daughter and me. It seemed like a minute ago I had been dancing in the Cork Opera House, a soloist with..."
Your Memoirs – “Dawson” July 9, 2020 - Shiela Lockhart - "The seventies was a restless decade. My twenties. I flitted all over the country, touching down on every compass point in the search for myself, gaining university degrees..."
Your Memoirs – “Lunching” July 9, 2020 - Paul Beech - "The year was ’72 and it had not begun well.  The miners’ strike.  And as it dragged on, power cut after power cut for hours at a stretch.  One lunchtime, Chester city centre blacked out..."
Your Memoirs – “Deeper into darkness” July 9, 2020 - Jennifer Robertson - "It was cold the moment of her birth that late July morning 1970. ‘Bit parky in here,’ a cleaner said. I felt the chill - and never knew about the sinister frost brought by an unseen..."
Your Memoirs – “It Started with a Cat” July 9, 2020 - Lynn Otty - "Well, he was a kitten actually and my brother had given him to me as a birthday gift. Just after the New Year celebrations were over in 1970 I took a trip to the animal hospital to see..."
Your Memoirs – “1973-74” July 9, 2020 - Mary Irvine - "At the beginning of the 70s I left Wales, and the Holyhead County Secondary, to return to Hull where I took a part-time job in an all- girl Junior High (ages 10 – 13). The school served..."
Your Memoirs – “1971: Reading Festival” July 9, 2020 - Jo Somerset - "Just after O levels, a week before turning sixteen, school friends Jo (me), Pep and Clob joined the 30,000 crowd at the first Reading Festival.  The weekend ticket cost £1.50. My diary..."
Your Memoirs – “Ideal Home” July 9, 2020 - Hilary Monk - "Spring 1970.  The estate agent opened the front door.  Yes!  I felt an immediate affinity with the Victorian terraced house we were viewing.  The motley furniture which crowded every..."
Your Memoirs – “Highland Encounter” July 9, 2020 - Morelle Smith - "I was desperately in love. He was desperate to explore the Scottish Highlands. So it worked out well. He got a companion to talk to (and who took turns at carrying the tent) and I got..."
Your Memoirs – “Treading Down Memory Lion” July 9, 2020 - Ann Seed - "The indigo sky sparkled with diamonds and I shouldn’t have had a worry in the world. He sat on a chair, calmly drinking beer and reading a book on the history of the Reserve. I needed..."
Your Memoirs – “Manchester 1973” July 9, 2020 - Tina Cole - "Manchester 1973 was a blurring of sleet on red brick our freedom compromised by the minutiae of ticks library time spent with the ponderous clock. Hours wasted in back room pubs..."
Your Memoirs – “Precious Moments” July 9, 2020 - Greta Skelton - "March 24th 1970 5am. I lay in my bed in the maternity hospital in Sunderland. My labour pains were getting stronger and more frequent. After two hours of gas and air I felt as if..."