Creativity during Covid-19 lockdown

Your Memoirs – “500 Miles up the Nevis” August 16, 2020 - Mary McCabe - "The lockdown threw up learning curves for silver surfers with ageing equipment. A steep one was participation in a music ensemble (appropriately called Nevis Ensemble) performing “500 Miles”..."
Your Memoirs – “Lockdown Shenanigans” August 16, 2020 - Lynn Otty - "When lockdown began it was a wakeup call for me. It wasn’t until then that I discovered I was old. I had never thought of myself as being over the hill until one of my children asked, no, ordered..."
Your Memoirs – “Making a Rug” August 16, 2020 - Mary Irvine - "Go to the green grocer. Ask him to save you his next potato sack. (They were made of rough hessian)! Search the family rag bag. (Before the ragman cometh) Wash any material you can work with."
Your Memoirs – “Watch Tower” August 16, 2020 - Christine Law - "Today has been hectic having to queue for items outside Tesco, trying to shop for neighbours there Isn’t the choice on the shelves so like many others I have to get what I can"