A memoir from the 1970s

Your Memoirs – “Moving North” July 30, 2020 - Sandra Davies - "He accepted the Hartlepool nuclear power station job in November ‘73, with enthusiasm. In similar fashion, the GLC said they’d buy our named-for-a-race-horse Enfield house."
Your Memoirs – “Moteur Mal” July 30, 2020 - Martz Yorke - "I liked the old Volvo: its seats were comfortable and the large boot accommodated a family’s luggage. Driving through France for a family holiday, the temperature gauge edged into the red."
Your Memoirs – “My World at Seventeen” July 30, 2020 - Christine Law - "At school I enjoyed English seeing how the characters developed on the paper. At college a tutor would always put a line through my work and write nonsense sentence without discussing..."
Your Memoirs – “20 November 1974” July 30, 2020 - Ken Tracy - "The cloud had smothered the savannah for weeks, selfishly holding onto its precious cargo. Our car slowed to avoid the bloated carcass of a cow, it’s juices seeping onto the dirt road."
Your Memoirs – “Me mammy says it’s not right” July 26, 2020 - Rona Fitzgerald - "1972 was the year I started my first job, voted for the first time in a referendum on the EEC and joined the local drama and musical society. My passions were writing and theatre..."
Your Memoirs – “The Bread Walk” July 9, 2020 - Pat Sutherland - "There is a house in Occitanie, beneath the Albères Mountains. We began our visits in the seventies, always in summer, when colours are heated to intensity and every breath draws..."
Your Memoirs – “Leaving for Poland” July 9, 2020 - Pauline Hughes - "The blue Mini had several dents and rusted bumpers. It cost £60. I’d saved the money from my job teaching English to foreigners in London. My boyfriend worked in a vodka..."
Your Memoirs – “A Great Memory” July 9, 2020 - Maureen Weldon - "Early 1970s we arrived in Chester. My husband my seven month old daughter and me. It seemed like a minute ago I had been dancing in the Cork Opera House, a soloist with..."
Your Memoirs – “Dawson” July 9, 2020 - Shiela Lockhart - "The seventies was a restless decade. My twenties. I flitted all over the country, touching down on every compass point in the search for myself, gaining university degrees..."
Your Memoirs – “Lunching” July 9, 2020 - Paul Beech - "The year was ’72 and it had not begun well.  The miners’ strike.  And as it dragged on, power cut after power cut for hours at a stretch.  One lunchtime, Chester city centre blacked out..."
Your Memoirs – “Deeper into darkness” July 9, 2020 - Jennifer Robertson - "It was cold the moment of her birth that late July morning 1970. ‘Bit parky in here,’ a cleaner said. I felt the chill - and never knew about the sinister frost brought by an unseen..."
Your Memoirs – “It Started with a Cat” July 9, 2020 - Lynn Otty - "Well, he was a kitten actually and my brother had given him to me as a birthday gift. Just after the New Year celebrations were over in 1970 I took a trip to the animal hospital to see..."
Your Memoirs – “1973-74” July 9, 2020 - Mary Irvine - "At the beginning of the 70s I left Wales, and the Holyhead County Secondary, to return to Hull where I took a part-time job in an all- girl Junior High (ages 10 – 13). The school served..."
Your Memoirs – “1971: Reading Festival” July 9, 2020 - Jo Somerset - "Just after O levels, a week before turning sixteen, school friends Jo (me), Pep and Clob joined the 30,000 crowd at the first Reading Festival.  The weekend ticket cost £1.50. My diary..."
Your Memoirs – “Ideal Home” July 9, 2020 - Hilary Monk - "Spring 1970.  The estate agent opened the front door.  Yes!  I felt an immediate affinity with the Victorian terraced house we were viewing.  The motley furniture which crowded every..."
Your Memoirs – “Highland Encounter” July 9, 2020 - Morelle Smith - "I was desperately in love. He was desperate to explore the Scottish Highlands. So it worked out well. He got a companion to talk to (and who took turns at carrying the tent) and I got..."
Your Memoirs – “Treading Down Memory Lion” July 9, 2020 - Ann Seed - "The indigo sky sparkled with diamonds and I shouldn’t have had a worry in the world. He sat on a chair, calmly drinking beer and reading a book on the history of the Reserve. I needed..."
Your Memoirs – “Manchester 1973” July 9, 2020 - Tina Cole - "Manchester 1973 was a blurring of sleet on red brick our freedom compromised by the minutiae of ticks library time spent with the ponderous clock. Hours wasted in back room pubs..."
Your Memoirs – “Precious Moments” July 9, 2020 - Greta Skelton - "March 24th 1970 5am. I lay in my bed in the maternity hospital in Sunderland. My labour pains were getting stronger and more frequent. After two hours of gas and air I felt as if..."