Our new #CLANGERS Project started in January 2021. This is principally a writing project and a nod to good daily habits for healthy creative living underpinned by eight specific themes or ideas which are the brainchild of Dr Phil Hammond.

Phil Hammond describes himself as an NHS doctor, Private Eye journalist, campaigner, and comic. Many of you will know him as a regular guest on Countdown, or through his highly entertaining appearances at the Edinburgh International Festival. Others will have heard his broadcasts for the BBC – such as his five series of Trust Me I’m a Doctor, or his contributions to The News Quiz. His publications, which achieve that rare combination of being both extremely funny and full of seriously good advice, include: Confessions of a Doctor, Staying Alive and Trust Me I’m a Doctor.

Phil’s advice for a happy, healthy life is to do your daily CLANGERS, which are: 

The CLANGERS series:

He adds that we should also aim to have our five portions of fun a day – and that these can be enjoyed while doing, in our different ways, our CLANGERS. His favourite drug, the one he likes to prescribe most, is kindness. These eight ‘pillars of health’ apply to all ages. There is no doubt for us that they are beneficial to the over 60s and we think they are an excellent philosophy for the Autumn Voices community generally, as well as a prompt for writing. 

Thank you!

Many thanks to all the Autumn Voices members who have written in with their submissions over the past 9 months. It’s been wonderful to read them all and we hope you’ve also enjoyed reading everyone elses submissions too.