Flash Memoir Project

This is not a competition. Anyone who is a member of Autumn Voices (membership is free) can send in a flash memoir (350 word limit) and up to two relevant photographs. These will be posted on the Autumn Voices blog, the links are below.

This project will run for six months after a wonderful response to the project. Each month there will be a different theme for the memoir:

July: A memoir from the 1970s

August: Remembering something creative and enjoyable you did during the period of Covid-19 lockdown/isolation

September: A memoir starting with the sentence: ‘The very first time that I ….’

October: An open theme. Choose any memory you would like to write about.

November: A Memoir of the 1960s, starting with the sentence ‘I often wondered what happened to…’

December: A Memoir on a Christmas theme, including the words ‘Whenever I hear that song…’

Thanks to Frances Ainslie who helped inspire us with her theme suggestions via our Facebook page.

How to submit your memoir

Submissions for the Flash Memoir Project are now closed, sorry!