Quick & Quirky Questions with Adele Godsmark

Adele Godsmark

A graduate of Hull University, Adele taught English in secondary schools before moving to work with adults whose health was impacted by poor basic skills. This led to a career as an independent consultant working locally and nationally in the field of health improvement – latterly on the National Healthy Schools Programme. As well as carrying out health needs analyses in local communities, Adele helped to develop and deliver training for a range of communities including health professionals and schools. She lives in rural Norfolk in a small but busy village and is currently juggling the demands of a large garden with the desire to get on with more family history research.

Tell us 4 important facts about yourself:

  1. I am Scottish
  2. I practise Yoga
  3. I live in the countryside in Norfolk
  4. I worked as a teacher and in Public Health

What is your favourite age that you’ve been so far in life, and why?

I’ve enjoyed every age for different reasons. Right now, in my mid-sixties, I’m loving being a grandmother for the first time.

Who is your favourite fictional character or famous person over 60?

Hard to choose, but a favourite in the last couple of years would by Ove from A Man called Ove by Fredrik Backman. Behind that taciturn difficult man lies a tender personal story of love and loss.

You are alone in your house (no pets). You have three minutes to get out before the house collapses and burns to the ground. What one possession would you grab and take with you?

My laptop with all my photos and family history research.

What’s your favourite creative pastime?


Tell us something about yourself that’s surprising or unexpected.

I was a regional finalist in one of the early series of Masterchef.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read Adele’s blog from last week! It’s fascinating.

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