What if a serial killer, who so far has avoided detection and hasn’t killed anyone since 1981, was to start again? Why?
Would being over seventy years old be a handicap?
Ex-DI Fletcher is now long time retired, so he has to allow the official investigators to do most of the work . . . whilst, of course, being unable to keep his nose out. Especially as he feels this is definitely still ‘his case’!
Ex-DI Irene Garner agrees to tag along against her better instincts . . . but everyone’s efforts come to nothing, as the ‘Snow White Killer’ manages to be as elusive as ever.
Meanwhile a middle-aged woman has to come to terms with finding out she was an adopted child . . . and that her real mother may have done far worse things than abandon her.
Against the backdrop of the Brexit referendum and the ensuing fall out, lots of people have to deal with life changing events.