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Every month Autumn Voices has one or more Guest Bloggers. If you would like to be considered as a Guest Blogger, please register on this page.

Autumn Voices aims to encourage creativity in later life. If you can contribute to this aim, we are definitely interested.  For example, you can tell us how you, yourself, are still being creative in later life; or how you are helping to foster the  creativity of older people (classes, workshops, exhibitions, competitions etc.); or you may have recently done research into something relevant to our aim.

If your submission fits what Autumn Voices is trying to do, you will be contacted and given more details about deadline dates, length of blog etc. This, however, may not be right away. Blog slots might be filled for several months ahead, or something similar to yours already planned for the near future.

A variety of bloggers and a wide range of topics will help keep Autumn Voices fresh and lively, so we shall be extremely grateful for your submissions.

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