Steering group & Trustees

Autumn Voices conducted an open recruitment process among its members, friends and interested individuals to form a Steering Group. The volunteer members of the Steering Group were engaged based on their skills and experience, and met quarterly to develop the overall strategic direction of the organisation. It also monitored the organisation’s progress and results, and acted as a sounding board for the Autumn Voices freelance team.

In 2022-23 Autumn Voices transitioned to become a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation), and the Steering Group was replaced by a Board of Trustees responsible for oversight and governance of the new charity. This comprises Simon Berry, Helen Cormack and Martin Stepek.

Our thanks to all those who have served on the Steering Group: Bob Bennett, Larry Butler, Miller Caldwell, Mark Daws, Christine Hamilton, Robin Lloyd-Jones, Kriss Nichol, Liz Niven and Sheila Wakefield.

Simon Berry

Simon Berry was born in the Midlands, educated in Yorkshire, and worked for many years in Glasgow as a journalist and writer. He is the former President of Scottish PEN and the book pages editor on The Scotsman. Has also lived in Sicily and Cyprus. Simon now lives in the Highlands, asking questions. He had his first collection of poems, A Mask for Grieving & Other Poems, published by FTTR Press in 2014.Has also written a biography of Victorian city poet Alexander Smith (Applauding Thunder, published in 2013). He is currently working on a pamphlet collection entitled Anger Man Age.

Helen Cormack

Helen has been writing stories since she could first put pen to paper, but, since giving up full time employment, has written and published four children’s books. She has also written many short stories and flash fiction articles and a couple of novellas. She is one of several writers who have been asked to read pieces at the Edinburgh International Book Festival as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories. She has been engaged in education for many years, and sees the value of the written word in communication and for personal development. Helen lives in Stirling, Scotland and has three grown-up children and two grandchildren.

Martin Stepek

Martin Stepek has had a career comprising ownership and directorship of a leading family business in Lanarkshire, and teaching of mindfulness for almost twenty years. As a poet he has published five volumes to date, has also written a column on Mindful Living for the Herald on Sunday and written six books on how to live mindfully. A former Convenor of the Scottish Green Party, he also researchs, writes and speaks on his Polish heritage.