Here We Are: The Pathhead Choir Project

Our project with the Pathhead Choir has now come to an end.

‘Here We Are!’ saw Autumn Voices working with songwriter, workshop tutor and choir leader, Sophie Bancroft. Sophie guided a group of Pathhead community members aged 60+ to write original songs for The Pathhead Choir to perform. These songs were arranged and notated for the choir by local professional musicians and arrangers, rehearsed and performed by the choir, conducted by Sophie choir co-leader Gina Rae, with Dave Milligan on piano. The choir gave three concerts in June 2023, performing these new and original pieces.

You can now see the performances of each of the eight new songs on Youtube.

Sophie has also made a podcast series about the project, which is available here.

If you belong to a choir who would like to perform one or more of the songs, the scores are available on Sophie’s website. You can find them here.

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