Steadfast Trickster

The launch of the book Steadfast Trickster: tributes to Robin Lloyd-Jones took place on Saturday 25 November at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow, and on Zoom.

Sadly Robin couldn’t attend the launch at the Mitchell Library because he was in hospital recovering from a heart attack – but he is thankfully back on his feet again.

The latest edition of Playspace Publications’ newsletter includes what he would have said at the launch, and an apology for his absence. He writes,

Sorry I missed the launch of Steadfast Trickster. I bet some of you thought I’d popped my clogs. Well, as Mark Twain said, ‘Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!’ According to the predictive text on my smart phone, I was in hospital having a baby. My house master at school was nearer the mark with his prediction: ‘Lloyd-Jones, you’ll be late for your own funeral!’

When I read the generous comments friends and family had made about me, I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve got away with it! Somehow I haven’t been found out!’ Several of you said I was modest and humble. Well, not any more! Not after this!

Perhaps I should beef up my Trickster credentials with two incidents

You can read about those incidents here.

And for those who missed the launch, it was recorded and is now available on You Tube.

One thought on “Steadfast Trickster”

  1. So, sorry to hear that Robin as been unwell, do pass on my kindest thoughts and regards’
    Here’s hoping he is on the mend.
    Christine Law[Miss]

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