We occasionally run competitions and encourage flash submissions of poetry or prose on the theme of the month. There’s almost always prizes for the winners!

Annual Poetry Competition

Theme: ‘The Environment’
Deadline: 31st October 2022 – Entries now closed

Open Competitions

None currently – Check back soon

Open Submissions (members only)

None currently – Check back soon

Closed Competitions

Poetry Competition October 2022 – ‘The Environment’Details – Judging
Flash competition – “Living Our Dying”Winner announcement
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Closed Submissions

Flash submission – September – “Dementia and Memory”Winner
Flash submission – August – “Cats/Edinburgh/Allotments”Winner
Flash submission – July – “The Water”Winner
Flash submission – June – “Volunteer/Garden/Writing”Winner
Flash submission – May – “Walking or Chronic Illness”Winner
Flash submission – April – “Dance or Neurodivergence”Winner
Flash submission – March – “d/Deafness”Winner
Flash submission – February – “Love Languages”Winner
Flash submission – January – “New Hobbies”Winner
Flash submission – December – “Coorie and Hygge”Winner
Flash submission – November – “War & Remembrance”Winner
Draw Orlando – OctoberWinner
Flash fiction – Pets, animals and the natural worldWinner
CLANGERS Project – January – August 2021Read all entries