Book cover terracotta bowl against partly blue partly cloudly sky

To Drink from a Wider Bowl

Joanne Durham lives on the Atlantic coast of the US, with the ocean as her backyard and muse. She loved, drafted, and taught poetry all her life, but only began seriously writing in 2018, and has enjoyed seeing her poems published in different parts of the world, including Dodging the Rain (Ireland), Love in the Time of COVID Chronicles (New Zealand), Eunoia Review (Singapore), Juniper (Canada) and Sailor’s Review (Zimbabwe), as well as in the US in Poetry South, The Inflectionist Review, Whale Road Review and dozens of other journals and anthologies.

Her collection To Drink from a Wider Bowl won the 2022 Sinclair Poetry Prize, and is published by Evening Street Press. Beginning with the award-winning poem, ‘Old Folks’ that ends, “We are thirsty still / but drink from a wider bowl,” the book traces a lifetime of growing, learning, observing, loving and working for social justice.

To Drink from a Wider Bowl is available from Evening Street Press and Amazon.

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