COP26 Competition

Competition theme: When I Am 100

To mark the occasion of COP26 in Glasgow (31 October to 12 November) Autumn Voices is announcing an extra writing competition!  And given that the climate crisis affects everyone, for the first time we will be accepting entries from anyone aged 18 or over. 

Closing date: 31st December
Entry fee: £6
Total prizes: £150

What will the future of our planet be like? Will the present climate crisis and problems with plastic pollution lead to disaster, or can human ingenuity and the political will to succeed save our planet? Given increasing life expectancies, young people can confidently expect to live into their 90s or even past 100.  So whatever your age is now – what do you think life on Earth will be like when you reach your 100th birthday? 

Your writing can take any form – fiction, non-fiction, poetry – but should not be more than 1000 words for prose or 40 lines for poetry.  Any genre is acceptable – use your imagination, whether your vision for the future is totally triumphant or deeply dystopian.

All winning entries will be published on the Autumn Voices website and shared on associated social media.

We’re delighted to be able to offer a 1st prize of £100 plus a runner-up prize of £50 for the best overall entry.  The writers of two Highly Commended entries in each form will each receive a copy of the Autumn Voices book.

£6 per entry

Good luck!


The competition is open to everyone over 18. Please read the full set of rules before entering.