Monsoons and Marigolds

Monsoons and Marigolds is a novel about stories: those we are told; those we tell to others; and those we tell to ourselves.

Colette Bryce is a survivor. As she unpacks a trunk, memories gather momentum and the past and present collide. Colette re-lives her hopes and aspirations, her love affairs, betrayal and capture by Maoists leaving us with the question: What would you do to survive?​

Monsoons and Marigolds is set in Nepal amidst the political turmoil and civil unrest of 1997/8. On the wide canvas the novel touches on poverty, displacement, sex slavery, AIDS and political ideals. But the fine brush strokes come from the perspective of a conflicted individual struggling for a sense of belonging in an alien culture.

Monsoons and Marigolds was Highly Commended for the Luke Bitmead Bursary Award in 2016.

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