Guest blogger for January

Gill at her house

Gill is 64 (so currently pensionless) and lives in rural Scotland surrounded by books. She is a permaculture and forest gardener, a climate change resister, a stickler for honesty and integrity, a breast cancer survivor, an intersectional socialist feminist, and a single parent of twins. She has trained and worked in organisational development for over 45 years and been a member of worker and housing co-ops for over 40 years. She is currently using these skills and experience to chair her local U3A group and support individuals and organisations through Covid crises. When she’s not doing that, she’s running interference between her cats Kima and Keir.

Gill once helped make a poet famous despite telling him she didn’t like poetry (apparently, she liked his poetry), and starred with her family in a Panorama programme about civil partnerships before they were a thing.

Gills pronouns are she/her and you can find her online as @Fgh22Gill on Twitter.

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